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tv   Today  NBC  September 15, 2015 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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kari, of course, with our next local news update coming up at 7:25. join us for nbc news at 11:00. we'll have see you then. good morning. breaking news. in utah, a wall of water out of nowhere catches drives off guard. at last eight people swept to their death. others still missing. wildfires on a path of destruction. more than 700 homes now destroyed. >> the headliner donald trump rallied in dallas, looking more like a rock concert. the huge crowd in texas. i hear they're all going after me. whatever. whatever. >> as he tells reporters he's
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expecting a slugfest at tomorrow night's debate. >> and a plane has to be diverted and a woman is escorted off in restraints. and first on "today," a rare live interview with chelsea clinton, the former first daughter opening up about her passions, parenting and the future of her famous family today tuesday, september 15th, 2015. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to "today." it's 7 a.m. on the west coast. it will be good to catch up with chelsea clinton. she's got a new book, a new baby, a lot going on. >> rumor has it her mother is running for president. it will be good to get a daughter's perspective.
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>> two natural disasters from one of the worst fire seasons on record. let's start with that flash flooding in utah. matt, good morning. >> reporter: the death toll stand now at eight with another five missing and it includes mothers and children traveling in vehicles when a very large wave of water hit them from behind, sending them into a channel. this morning a small town is picking up the pieces after powerful flash floods swept through southwest utah in the town of hildale triggering powerful floods and mudslides. officials say two vehicles were washed off a road into a channel and swept downstream for hundreds of yards. >> the wall of water is 15, 20 feet tall and mabb 25, maybe 30 years ago i've seen something this big but never with this
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many people of course. >> authorities say three of the occupants survived and several are missing. after a flash flood warning of issued for the area, it's estimated two and a half inches of rain fell in two hours. the city is home to polygamist families members of the community of jeffs. >> you know, your heart gets ripped out of your chest and you're doing everything you can. >> additional thunderstorms have move over that area. one official said the rain is making things difficult and treacherous. back to you. >> thanks very much. >> and now to the rising toll from those raging wildfires across the west. at least 24 burning in washington, oregon and california right now, including the valley fire that's already
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consumed more than 580 homes and 67,000 acres in northern california. nbc's joe fryar is live for us in middleton. the damage there is remarkable. >> reporter: that's right. good morning, savannah. this is one of the homes destroyed. all can you see left is the chimney and this white pickett fence. even with cooler temps, the fire is far from out. destructive and now deadly, the so-called valley fire is roaring through small communities tucked along drought-stricken forest land, the flames scorching enough ground to cover san francisco twice, the fast-moving fire killing a 72-year-old disabled woman who was unable to escape her home. >> flames right there. >> reporter: evacuees are now posting video of their harrowing escapes and sharing stories of survival.
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>> it was just something out of a sign fiction movie. >> reporter: yet the stevens family refuses to flee, staying behind to protect their home. >> i'm not going to let this outrageous beautiful place go down. >> this is all i have. i grew up here, i lived here my whole life. i love it. i want to save the last little piece of it. >> reporter: across california, at least eight firefighters have lost their homes, including robert taylor. for a time his girl friend, mary, did not know the fate of her house. >> it's terrible. i really want to go back up. i just don't know when we can go see everything. >> reporter: our camera crew checked her address, taking images of what they discovered, a home untouched by flames. is that your house? >> yes. >> reporter: that's what our crew found. >> oh, my god. >> wow. >> oh, my god. thank you. thank you. >> reporter: a surprising piece of good news pulled from the rubble of a community overwhelmed by loss.
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right now two huge wildfires are burning in northern california. added up, about 700 homes destroyed, 23,000 people evacuated. the cooler weather is helping out and rain is in the forecast. what will also help firefighters is the wind dying down. savannah and matt? >> thank you. >> there is word of a chilling terror plot tied to pope francis's visit to the u.s. next week, highlighting major concerns with huge crowds expected wherever the pope goes. kier, good morning to you. >> reporter: matt, the vatican behind me saying it is not aware of any specific threat to the pope and saying it still plans to have the hope conduct some of that tour from an open-top jeep. even as the vatican was laying
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out the plans, news emerging from an alleged foiled plot and this young man was inspired from the internet. this morning confirmation that a 15-year-old boy arrested outside philadelphia last month is accused of planning an isis-inspired attack on the pope. the reports said the assault will include multiple attackers, firearms and explosives. that bullet continue says the minor had explained explosive instructions and was spreading them through social media. in new york officials are already gearing up for an unprecedented security test. >> an iud explosion from a backback. >> large screens at many police headquarters. >> this event is going to be the largest security challenge that the department and the city have ever faced.
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>> reporter: the papal visit co inside with the 70th anniversary of the united nations, which will bring 170 of the world's leaders to the city at the same time. >> we can say safely we've literally never seen anything like this before and we welcome it, we embrace it, we look forward to it. >> reporter: this latest arrest illustrates how isis social media is reaching younger people, even inspiring him to attack the pope when he's in the u.s. >> the vatican says they no of no credible let's to the pope so far and they say this young man's plot was mostly aspirational. the president is expected to meet the pope when he touches down in the u.s. for the first time. >> thank you very much. >> moving on to the presidential race and two campaigns that appear to be going in two very different directions, while republican donald trump packed
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the house at a massive house in dallas, hillary clinton is trying to win back support from a group that was one firmly in her corner. peter alexander is at the reagan presidential library ahead of tomorrow's presidential debate there. peter good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. this is hallowed ground for republicans and good news for ca californians, it's wet and hallowed ground. tomorrow 15 republicans will try to reclaim the mantel of ronald reagan. from a national poll this morning, donald trump at 27% is still your front-runner but right behind him now narrowing that gap is the retired neurosurgeon ben carson at 23%. if you put the outsiders together, including carly fiorina, together they add up to 54% support among republicans. for the candidate who does everything huge, a texas size welcome. donald trump rallying supporters in dallas predicting a rough and tumble debate.
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>> i have a little debate coming up on wednesday. i hear they're all going after me. whatever. whatever. >> reporter: trump's harsh criticism of undocumented immigrants resonated with the border state crowd. >> we have to stop illegal immigration. we have to do it. we have to do it. >> reporter: but outside tempers flared as trump demonstrator protested. >> carly is giving me a little bit of a hard time, even though her poll numbers are horrible. jeb, nice guy. really a nice guy. jeb. hillary. well, jeb's more popular than one person i know. >> reporter: six weeks after their first showdown in cleveland, trump will be center stage flanked by bush and the surging ben carson. >> look at this face.
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>> and debuting on the main stage, carly fiorina in her first face-to-face appearance with trump since his comments about her looks. >> this is the face of a 61-year-old woman. i am proud of every year and every wrinkle. >> reporter: one other note, this network, nbc, which parted ways with trump several months ago after his controversial comments about undocumented immigrants has announced who will replace trump as host of "celebrity apprentice," arnold schwarzenegger. trump congratulated his friend on twitter saying he'd do great. since "you're fired is gone," we're thinking "you won't be back." >> and he has too much time on his hands. >> peter alexander, thank you. >> let's turn to the democratic side. hillary clinton busy trying to stop her recent skid in the polls by targeting women voters.
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that's a group that is key to her campaign. andrea mitchell has more on that. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. hillary clinton reaching out to a group she'd always counted on, white women voters, who have been abandoning her in droves in the last two months. >> i really hope you will join our campaign in iowa. >> reporter: crisscrossing iowa monday, hillary clinton trying to shore up her support among women. >> today i want to send a message to every survivor of sexual assault, don't let anyone silence your voice. >> i want to defend a woman's right to choose and fight against defunding planned parenthood. >> reporter: even stopping for popcorn at a business owned among women. this after seeing her support among white women go from 71% in july to just 4 42% now, a 22% dp in only eight weeks as she been hammered about her private e-mails.
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>> poll goes up and down people's attention and decision making changes over time. >> reporter: clinton is doing interviews on softer news, talking about kim kardashian. >> she came to one of my rallies and i really enjoyed meeting her. >> reporter: some are focusing more on joe biden. this week biden hits the battleground california, michigan and ohio, where, like clinton, he will speak about sexual assault on college campuses. state legislators in south carolina where the bidens vacation say if biden wants to run, his wife, jill, will be on board. >> the information i get is she's going to be supportive of him. she's supportive of him running if he is ready to do it. >> reporter: and supporters argue that biden is in no hurry. as long as he decides before the
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end of october but before the filing deadline for the big super primaries in march. >> chelsea clinton will be joining us live in our next half hour. >> a disturbing situation overnight on a chicago bound american airlines plane. the flight had to be diverted after a woman assaulted a fellow passenger and a member of the flight crew. tom costello has the story this morning. good morning. >> reporter: hi there. this started off as a routine flight but passengers aboard american flight 1284 last night quickly realized something was wrong. the captain even reportedly asked the passengers to help restrain a woman who had become violent, hitting another passenger and a flight attendant. the incident caught on camera by fellow passengers. >> i thought it was a kid crying in the back but ended up being she was kind of being belligerent, drunk on a plane. >> reporter: american airlines flight 1284 from miami to chicago was diverted to
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indianapolis after a female passenger struck a flight crew member. >> she also kicked one of the port police officers. >> most of it was profanity. it just was very disturbing and you feel very bad for her. >> reporter: just the latest incident of passengers behaving badly. this time the passenger was arrested, now facing a list of charges, including battery and two felony charges. >> it was a good decision that they made. they had to do what they had to do. >> reporter: so the flight finally arrived in chicago about an hour late. it is a federal crime to interfere with a flight crew and this morning the suspect is in the marion county jail. the jail tells us she's on a 72-hour hold. >> thank you very much. >> meantime a professor wanted in connection with the murders of his girl friend and a co-worker is dead, this after one of the shootings led to frightening moments and a frantic search on a college
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campus in mississippi. janet, good morning to you. >> reporter: matt, good morning. yes, terrifying moments on this campus, not just for the students and faculty but for the moms and dads who got that same t text message, "active shooter on campus." why one professor gunned down another is sti a mystery. this morning a sigh of relief in cleveland, mississippi, the crisis is over. shannon lamb, the man authorities say shot and killed fellow delta state professor ethan schmidt is dead. police say he took his on life. >> he pulled over the side of the road, exited his vehicle, went into a wooded area. there was one gunshot that was heard. >> reporter: late into the night authorities spread a wide dragnet looking for lamb, finally locating him using license plate recognition technology, all less than a day after terrified delta state faculty and students are alerted
7:17 am
to an active shooter on campus and forced to barricade themselves in classrooms. >> we all just froze and huddled in there and put book shelves across the wall. >> reporter: police arrive in minutes and find ethan schmidt gunned down in his office. they connect the killing to another crime scene 300 miles a where earlier in the morning lamb called 911 to report the woman he lived with, amy prentice, had been shot and killed in their home. still unanswered, the question of motive. >> we can't answer that. we don't know why this man did what he did. >> reporter: even at school, lamb was something of a mystery. >> he wasn't one of our faculty members, even on a small campus, whom i knew. >> reporter: but the two professors did know each other. in schmidt's book he wrote "i am so lucky to have such wonderful people." he was married with three people.
7:18 am
friend call him a terrific man. >> he was a terrific guy, a scholar of native american history. we're heart broken. >> reporter: this was supposed to be a day of celebration here. delta saturday's 90th anniversary. instead they're rescheduling those activities and instead holding a vigil for professor schmidt. back to you. >> a sad story. thank you very much. >> natalie is here with breaking news out of texas. >> a horrible school bus crash in houston this morning that has left at least one student dead. police say the bus went through a guardrail, plunged off of a freeway and landed on its side. another vehicle that may have been involved in the crash remained at the scene. the but was taking students to high school at the time. pieces of the bus were scattered along the roadway. >> a strong warning from north korea today. leaders say the country is working to improve the quality and quantity of its weapons, which it could use against the united states at any time.
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north korea said it has revamped and restarted all its atomic bomb field production plants. this comes on the heels of monday's announcement that pyongyang is willing to launch rockets. >> two kayakers had a close call while paddling off the coast of monterey bay in california. they were nearly crushed by that massive hump back whale when it breached and landed right on top of them but they managed to stay afloat. scary moment there. >> a touching tribute to the late frank gifford. they wore gold jackets just like the one he used to wear during his run on "monday night football," working as an announcer from 1971 to '97. he died in august at the age of 84. it was such a touching and nice
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thing they did to honor him. >> very fitting, no question. >> dylan, what's going on out west? >> more rain likely out west, especially in california where we do need it. we are looking at heavier pockets between l.a. and san diego. we have scattered downpours from nevada into utah again and some of those downpours could lead to flash flooding. we have the moisture and flooding in this jet stream that's going to allow this chance of showers for the next several days. that's good news for california. here's the top og ographytopogr. we have reports of some of the creeks rises three to five feet in just under 20 minutes. that's what leads to the dangerous situation. with as much as one to two inches of rain possible in that area, that's why we have that flash flood threat again today. we have high pressure in control for the central and eastern half of the country.
7:21 am
it will be sunny and dry without much rain in sight. temperatures will get back into the upper 80s. out in the pacific northwest, highs only in the 60s with a good morning. i'm meteorologist carey hull. we're right now in the upper 50s across most of the bay area as the sky slowly clear. we'll get a lot of sunshine today and the temperatures staying down in the 60s and 70s. it will be 67 degrees in san francisco, the east bay 74
7:22 am
degrees. in the tri-valley expect a high of 76 degrees and 77 in the south bay. it will be kindy too. at times the gusts kicking up to 30 miles an hour this afternoon. that's your latest forecast. >> coming up, imagine how you'd feel while lottery winners in feel while lottery winners in one stay owed some $2 million misswill tur anan asphalt parking lot into a new neighborhood for san franciscans. a vote for "yes" on "d" is definitely a vote for more parks and open space. a vote on proposition "d" is a vote for jobs. campos: no one is being displaced. it's 40% affordable units near the waterfront for regular people. this is just a win-win for our city. i'm behind it 100%. voting yes on "d" is so helpful to so many families in our city.
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coming up, would your kids actually learn more by going to school less in the new push, fet this, four-day school weeks which i think could four-day workweeks be far behind? a parade at the lauer house. >> and should you take an aspirin a day to lower your risk of certain cancers. a look at some new guidelines you need to know about, but first on a tuesday morning we've
7:25 am
got these messages, a check of your local news and weather. i'm ... ==anim== new details
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this morning... ==topvo== a very good tuesday morning to you. it is 7:26. aim laura garcia cannon. new details on the damage from the massive wildfire. in the past hour cal fire provided an update to us. it is now 15% contained. the fire however destroyed at least 585 homes with 67,000 acres burned. one person died in that fire, a disabled senior who couldn't evacuate here home. many of the evacuees will likely be able to start returning to their homes or whatever may be left as soon as today. might be tough for them. i want to check the forecast now. what are are we in store for?
7:27 am
>> we start out with the cools as e with take a live look at the golden gate bridge. the highs today will be in the 60s and 70s. los gatos 74, 68 in san francisco and 67 degrees in call stow ga, oakland 71 degrees and 79 degrees in san ramon. hayward 73 degrees. let's get a look at the commute. >> down in the south bay i think at least twice a week some people come across this crash here, north 280 and 17. that's got you distracted, jamming up. it's very slow up along the 680. but it's a typical pattern, a big build over the last hour. it's tuesday so we expect a heavy community. a slow drive across the bridges. a little slower heading into palo alto. meanwhile the east shore freeway is slow from the bay bridge into
7:28 am
san francisco. >> we'll be back for a local update for you in about half an hour. see you then.
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♪ we are back now, 7:30 on this tuesday morning. the 15th day of september, 2015. take a look at and say hi to some nice people gathered out on the plaza on what's supposed to be a beautiful morning. >> let's look at what's making headlines this morning. eight people died and several others are still missing on the border between utah and arizona. heavy rain created a wall of water that slammed into several cars and late last night, washing the cars downstream. officials are raising the reward for information leading to an arrest in that string of freeway shootings out in arizona. it stands at $50,000. at least 11 vehicles have been
7:31 am
hit along i-10. that's just in the past couple of weeks. it was a packed house in dallas last night where republican front runner donald trump held his latest rally. he lashed out on illegal immigration saying that quote the u.s. has become a dumping ground for the rest of the world. and chelsea clinton has a new baby and a new book. we'll tell you all about that when we talk to chelsea in a couple of moments. plus a story that we loved when you told the story a couple of years ago. two families whose lives were forever changed by a fatal car crash and a heart breaking case of mistaken identity. we'll catch up with both of them on our "where are they now" series. >> remarkable people. let's begin with outrage out in illinois where lottery winners are not being given the big pay days. a federal lawsuit is demanding that all ticket sales be stopped statewide until that happens. nbc's kevin tibbles has the story. good morning to you.
7:32 am
>> reporter: hey, matt. just imagine the euphoria of checking your lotto numbers and finding out, hey, you're a really big winner. of course that's something i never experienced. but if you were a really big winner, here in illinois what would you think if you found out, hey, you can't collect on your pay day? rhonda rash won $50,000. susan ricks boyfriend $250,000 and for the whitfield family a bigger one -- >> $400,000. >> reporter: instead of cash, illinois lotto winners who have won prizes of here than $25,000 are instead getting ious. more than two dozen winners since july 1st are in lottery says it won't make the payments until lawmakers passes a state budget.
7:33 am
>> they are all going to have to wait in line until we get a budget. >> reporter: lawsuit demands that lotto sales be stopped until winners who have hit large jackpots can collect with interest. >> we don't know if there will be a budget, when there will be a budget and why should the lottery winners have to suffer? >> reporter: zimmerman says there's an estimated their 280 billion in prize money that's sitting uncollected in the state's coffers. >> have to cancel most everything we planned on doing. >> my best friend's mom just pass and i wanted to take her and her sister on a trip. >> reporter: the whitfield family has already packed boxes. they are planning to move to florida when their jackpot comes in. >> we're not going to be able to enjoy it as old as we are if we don't get it. >> reporter: lottery hopefuls here are still buying tickets, but for many winners hitting the ja jackpot has left many dreams on
7:34 am
hold. still no word on when illinois is going to get a budget. until then, lotto winners, it is dreams deferred. guys, back to you. >> kevin, i can understand why that would upset a lot of people. >> yeah. kevin is still buying tickets. >> i know. >> yeah. dylan, let's get a check of the forecast. >> yeah, we've mentionled a lot about el nino this year, and we're are still looking at this el nino to perhaps rival one of the top five el ninos of all time. this is the warm water in the pacific down near the equator. this is what we look at to determine how it compares to other years. 1997 was a huge el nino year, and it's very pop this one could be within the top three, so what does that mean as we go into winter? that's good news for california because normally during an el nino year we end up with about five to seven inches of rain above average. some areas across central and southern california end up with about one to three inches of rain more than average. in the northeast it could mean less snow than we've seen in past seasons that don't have an
7:35 am
el nino. the temperature is the reason for that because it's usually above freezing on average which decreases the amount of snowfall by about five to seven inches so that could be a glimmer of hope, especially for the boston area after the winter we had last year. back through the midwest, temperatures do tend to be a little milder by a couple of degrees. however, it's still only in the teens and 20s on average so a couple of degrees is noticeable. snowfall does tend to go down. we could see in detroit nearly 20 inches less snowfall than we get in a typical year so it's possible that that's how it could play out this winter. something to keep in mind. elsewhere across the country today, high pressure in control through the plains up to the eastbound. that means lots of sunshine and good morning. i'm meteorologist cary hall. live look. we see the low clouds maybe mixed with smoke too. that a possibility through the day. it will be clearing out mostly sunny skies, san jose, 79,
7:36 am
embarcadero 67, brept wood today, 82 degrees and pleasanton, a high of 75 degrees. winds will be popping at over 30 mails an hour later on this afternoon. and that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thanks very much. coming up, who could possibly fill julie andrews shoes? the new plans to bring mary poppins back to the big screen. >> get your resume ready, natalie. >> and coming up next, chelsea clinton is here. to you to get your kids informed and inspired. her new book is all about that. we skeel her about motherhood and helping her own mom out on the campaign trail. >> natalie is mary poppins? isn't there singing involved? >> let's start a campaign. >> natalie sings and chelsea
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we are back at 7:42. it is shaping up to be a busy fall for former daughter chelsea clinton. she's written a book, "it's your worth" a guide to help younger generations make a difference. mom to baby daughter char slot, her mother is running for president and definitely expect to see chelsea out on the campaign trail. good to see you. >> thank you, savannah, good morning. >> you could have written any kind of book. this is for a certain age group, what, 10 to 1-year-olds? >> 10 to 1-year-olds. >> it's serious stuff.
7:42 am
>> yeah. >> you're trying to get kids interested in the world around them. >> well, when i was a kid i read "50 simple things that kids can do to save the earth" and it had a big impact and informed me about things like climate change and solutions and empowered me with practical solutions to make a difference. kids today are cure carouse about the world around us and more engaged than adults often think they are and they want to know what they can do, and so i hope that "it's your world" impacts one kid in the way that "50 simple kids" impacted me. >> i was wobdering if you feet you need to fill a need because these days aren't interested in these issues, they are not being well fed or given this kind of substance. >> absolutely the latter. in my book i talk about issues like climate change but also education, the reality that so many girls don't have the opportunities that their brothers do around the world, poverty, inequality, but also i talk about kids who are already
7:43 am
making a difference in these areas and some adults, too, but mainly kids because i believe that with a little bit of information kids with make a difference, and the stories i share in my book are real testament to that. kids are engaged, and i think it's up to adults to not only help them inform but empower them and give them opportunities to make our world better. >> you even share some personal stories. we see a letter that a 5-year-old chelsea clinton wrote president reagan. i was probably doodling on my note pad at 5. you're writing presidents. talk about a time when you were a little girl and were you bullied because you were a little girl and i was thinking, you know, for a governor's daughter to have to go through that, what are you hoping people draw from hearing your own personal experiences? >> well, i hope it gives kids and parents opportunities to talk about these issues. often people ask me what do you think kids should care about? and i say we should ask kids what they care about and the issues that i highlight and address in my book are the ones that i've heard that kids care about, questions like what doesn't every kid around the world have a chance to go to school?
7:44 am
why do we still have bullying? how do we help every kid get healthy? so i hope that we as adults will really listen to kids. certainly that's what my parents always did with me, and i'm so grateful to one of the greatest gifts my parents gave me is to ask me what i care about, to expect me to have an opinion and also expect me to be able to make an argument to support whatever i thought the right answer was to whatever question we were talking about around the breakfast table or the dinner table. >> you talk about gender equality. you talk about the lack of female leadership around the world and don't name names and make a pretty good case for a female president. >> i'm very biased towards my mom and i certainly hope my daughter charlotte feels as much love and admiration for me some day that i feel for my mom today. >> you are one of her most trusted advisers as well as her daughter, and i know you know that the campaign recently has hit a bit of a rough patch. she's down in some of the polls. and there was a recent poll that was really striking because it asked voters what is a word you
7:45 am
associate with hillary clinton, and, you know, they weren't complimentary words that were at the top of the list, dishonest, untrustworthy, liar. why do you think that is? what's not getting through in your mind? >> well, savannah, i'm not a pundit, i'm a daughter, and as i just said i love and add mire my movement i know she's talking about issues that are important to families across our country. i believe that it's starting to resonate. i believe as more and more americans hear from her they will come to know why i'm so proud to be my mother's daughter and even more why i'm so proud that my mother is my daughter's grandmother. >> you grew up around it and you're a real person and you're human. does it hurt to see those things? >> well, it is always surprising to me because my mom is my hero and one of the people that i admire and love the most in the world, but i just continue to believe as more people see more of her will come to know why i believe so strongly that she would make a great president and they will reach the same conclusions. >> she has said that she's
7:46 am
looking forward or would get a kick out of debating trump in a general election. is that a debate would you like to see? >> i think you were going to say she wants more grandchildren. >> that we know. >> she was very public about wanting a grand child, and it's been such a joy to see her as a grandmother and i thought maybe we'd have a little bit more time but always talks about wanting more grandchildren. >> it's funny to say that, and by the way, charlotte gets mentioned on the campaign trail more than her husband, your dad does, more than president clinton. >> well, i think that makes sense. campaigns are about the future, are about what we want to see our country become for our children, for our grandchildren. so i understand why charlotte is really her north star in this race. >> what is she like as a grandmother? paint us a picture of hillary clinton at home hanging out talking baby talk. >> oh, it's the best. i mean, i didn't know it would be such a joy of parenting to see my parents as grandparents, but it really has been. i love watching my mom read to charlotte, sing to her, support
7:47 am
her quite literally because as we were talking earlier, savannah, charlotte is starting to stand and trying to figure out how to walk so there's a lot of actual support, just not figurative support, and nurturing. i love seeing mom my as a grandmother. >> you say see sings. does she have a good voice? >> not at all. not at all. "wheels on the bus" is very popular so everyone around charlotte at some point will get conscripted to "wheels on the bus." and my mom is a great "wheels on the bus" singer >> you said your husband marc who is a wonderful dad, hands on, doesn't like to change the diapers to which i think he needs to read chapter four of this book. >> he's working on it. he was really rather mortified that i shared that so he's been changing lots of diapers in the last week. i didn't know that that would have the impact it would. if i did, i would have talked to people much earlier. >> a pleasure to have you here. >> thanks, savannah. >> the book is called "it's your world." good luck.
7:48 am
>> thanks. >> coming up, should more of us be taking an a . .yo . . . . . . make your flu shot make a world of difference. walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy.
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the massive wildfire burning in the north 7:56. new details on the massive wildfire burning in the knot bay. cal fire says that the valley fire is 15% contained but it's gotten bigger. 67,000 acres across three counti counties, 585 homes destroyed. we're learning at least one winery has been destroyed as well. the shed horn cellars burned. other lost vineyards. we're learning more about the one person who died in the fire, a disabled woman who was trapped in her home. 72-year-old barbara mcwilliams had multiple sclerosis and no way to evacuate. a caregiver tried to get to mcwilliams home but could not get through because all of the roads had been closed. he's check your weather this morning. it is a cool start to the day with a few clouds here and there.
7:57 am
we're right at 60 degrees across the bay area and skies are clearing. we're in for a lot of sun shine this afternoon. 74 degrees will be the high in the east bay, south bay at 77, san francisco stays in the 60s today and the winds are already breezy and will continue to pick up. we may have some drifts of smoke in parts of the north bay and the east bay and a high of 76 degrees in the tri-valley. your most popular routes very popular which makes me not popul popular. speeds below 20 everyone in red. 237 especially heavy be mountain view, and a crash on 87 causes slowing for that portion of san jose. the slower drive for union, hayward north and another crash at 13 north adding to the congestion. and a jm if hercules down to the bay bridge. we're looking at an hour
7:58 am
commute. gthanks. another local news update coming in half an hour. see you then.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, health alert. is the an aspirin a day just what the doctor ordered to prevent heart attack, stroke and even some cancer? the controversial new recommendations out this morning. plus, where are they now? nearly ten years ago a tragic case of mistaken identity. >> i said can you tell me your name, and she said whitney. >> how a fatal car crash changed the lives of two families forever. and the lost episodes of "the carol burnett show." >> could you come right over. gramps is really sick this time. i think it's serious, thank you. oh, just in case, would you pick up my black dress that's at the cleaners. >> the legendary comedian shares
8:01 am
clips that haven't been seen in more than 40 years, keeping the laughs rolling today, tuesday, september 15th, 2015. ♪ >> good morning. i'm from rochester, new york. >> we came all the way from texas to see the "today" show. >> from savannah georgia and savannah, georgia, loves savannah guthrie. ful. >> hi, we're from portland, oregon. i want to wish my best friend a happy birthday. >> today's her birthday! ♪ >> and good morning, everyone. welcome back to "today." it's a tuesday, september morning, september 15th, feels like fall. it's beautiful, and we have an incredible setup on our plaza right now. what's this called?
8:02 am
>> let me tell you more about our setup, it is incredible. our very own ninja warrior course. competitors who made history last night. the reason i was up way too late. it was so exciting. >> are you going to give it a try in. >> i am not going to give it a try. leave that to the american ninja warriors. we're excited to have them on hand and tell you the story about what happened last night on a great, great finale. >> it's 50 feet. >> at least. >> and we'll put them to the test. the twofies who completed the course. we have a little challenge for them this morning. it's on matt. >> let's go inside. natalie has a check of all the top stories. natalie in. >> hey, guys, good morning once again. tragedy struck a small community in southwestern utah overnight. flash floods swept at least eight people to their deaths and several others are still missing. nbc's ron mott has the very latest for us. ron, good morning. >> reporter: natalie, good morning to you. as you mentioned, eight people are dead, officials say, including mothers and children. they were traveling in a pair of vehicles when a wave of water rushed in behind them and swept them to their deaths.
8:03 am
now officials spent the night looking for five people still believed missing. another three survived. an estimated two and a half inches of rain fell over hildale, utah, near the utah-arizona border in two hours late tuesday afternoon quickly overwhelming waterways and triggering mud slides. what's complicating search and recovery efforts today, natalie, thunderstorms are forecast for that area. back for you in ron mott, thanks for you. the largest of two dozen wildfires in washington and oregon is still raging out of control this morning. the so-called valley fire has burned more than 95 square miles near the napa valley area. fire officials said overnight about 700 houses and other buildings had been destroyed. about 10,000 people have been evacuated. republican presidential hopefuls are preparing for their second debate tomorrow night. meantime, in an exclusive interview earlier here on "today" chelsea clinton talked about her mother's campaign for the democratic nomination. savannah asked chelsea what it's like when she hears that some voters think of her mother as
8:04 am
dishonest. >> savannah, i'm not a pundit. i'm a >> you know, i'm not a pundit, i'm a daughter. i love and admire my mom. i know she's talking about issues that are important to families across the country. i believe that is starting to resonate. i believe as more and more americans hear fr, trom hey'll come to know why i'm so proud to be my mother's daughter. >> and chelsea is out with a new book. it's called "it's your world." designed to help the young people face their biggest exams. wild video to show you this morning. two men on a motorcycle in india narrowly escaped serious injury and death when you see this elephant attacking them as they tried to ride past it. the elephant walks on to the highway from the nearby forest. it attacked the bikers when approaching it. both men managed to get away, suffering only minor injuries. very lucky. let's head back over to
8:05 am
savannah. >> thank you so much. well more than 40% of americans over the age of 50 take a daily aspirin to prevent heart attack or stroke and now some new recommendations, and they are controversial. the new guide lines suggest a daily aspirin regiment can be effect in preventing heart attacks and stroke and colorectal cancer. what's new about the guide lines? the recommendation for daily aspirin use were only for those with a high risk of cardiovascular disease or a history of heart attack or stroke. also, this is the first time aspirin is being recommended for the prevention of cancer. in this case, colorectal cancer. but the guide lines are controversial. because even a low dose of aspirin daily has been known to increase the risk of internal bleeding, but for some the benefits outweigh the risk. dr. azar, good morning to you. a lot of people will hear this,
8:06 am
that's easy. i can take an aspirin a day. why not? >> right, it's not as easy as that. i think it's important to say that the task force is a draft recommendation, this is open for public opinion for really until the mid of october. it's a controversial subject to begin with. in fact last year the fda released a report in may of 2014 that did not endorse aspirin for primary prevention. >> why? >> this is something for primary prevention. this is for people who already had a heart attack or stroke. this is for people who are otherwise healthy, but do have an increased risk for cardiovascular disease. they have to have a certain percentage risk over the next ten years. they have to not have an increased risk of bleeding. they have to take it for ten years to see a potential benefit in terms of colorectal cancer. the issue is why? it's a baby aspirin, what's the big deal. 81 milligrams a day. it's not necessarily a benign intervention. people can have gi bleeds, an ulcer that bleeds, esophagitis and they can have a hemorrhagic
8:07 am
stroke. that's if they have a history of uncontrolled hyper tension. they can have a stroke that bleeds. who are the people and what do the -- does the task force say? between the ages of 50 and 59, it's generally recommended if you fit the criteria of having risk. from the age of 60 to 69 it's worth a discussion with your doctor. younger than 50, older than 70 the benefits don't outweigh the risks. >> all right, dr. natalie azar, thank you so much. coming up, two families whose lives were forever changed by a fatal crash and a case of mistaken identity. we have more from our special series "where are they now?" and then the new way that jimmy fallon and justin timberlake are celebrating their friendship. the other star who wants in on the bromance. and josh brolin on conquering everest and his fears. but first, these messages.
8:08 am
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we're back. 8:13 and time for friending. >> we cover a lot of stories here. studies and studies. exactly. last week we had an item about school start times, remember that? >> yeah. >> okay. how about this one. this morning there is this, the push for the four-day school week. for the first time there's real evidence that going to school four days out of the week helped lift math scores for kids in fourth and fifth grades. >> hmm. >> you may not know this but a lot of schools around the country already have this. in colorado, for example, 30% of school districts there have four-day school weeks. do you think this would have benefited you, four days? >> yes. >> give the kids an extra day to sheet. that's why the scores are higher, an extra day to focus on the cheat sheet. i like it because it opens up a small window to potentially the idea for us parents that maybe we, too, can share in that in a
8:14 am
four-day work week. >> parents have to be. >> i want my kid in school five days a eke. >> if the parents tonight have a four-day work week this is a real problem, a huge problem. >> exactly. >> i'm for it. >> i'm for it. >> yay. >> my kids are currently conducting a stud on three-day work week and we'll see how that turns out. >> a little focus group at lauer house this morning. >> exactly. some amazing images that were almost lost. two years ago a group of students from stanford attached a go procamera to a balloon and then release it had so the gopro ended up climbing up more than 982,000 feet into space. >> oh, my gosh. >> did you often wonder what would happen? >> captured stunning images along the way including the grand canyon and the crash down to earth. >> isn't it hazard flying through airspace with a goproballoon. >> it's tiny, not big and an amazing piece of footage when the balloon burst, literally and you see the fragments of the
8:15 am
balloon go past the camera. >> my gopro always died. the battery life wouldn't have lasted that long. >> remember when we used to write notes if you find this message in a bottle. >> yes. >> you get the feeling that those students at stanford did not go to high school only four days a week. >> exactly. >> took two years for them to finally get this video back. >> in a remote part of the dese desert. >> how did they find it? >> some hikers went by and actually saw the remains of the camera and then chased the, what do you call, the card in it and actually got it back to the students. >> you call the card the little hoozie what'sy. >> amazing that it landed back in arizona, did it? that's where the hikers found it. you would think it would get taken to another part of the world. it's up in space. >> i love when we drill down on the facts. >> the meteorologist there. >> maybe the jet stream carried that thing. >> only in the air for a few days or day or two. >> did it have an if lost please return. >> exactly. >> we've exhausted this topic. >> carson, please take us away
8:16 am
from this. >> all right. let's do it, guys. we'll start the popping, since the prompter is ready and it is. and here we go. get ready to say supercalifragilistic- expialidocious all over again. >> well done, carson. said it the first time. a new mary poppins is now in the works. the original musical a classic starring julie andrews. the new movie will pick up 20 years after the last one ended and will feature a whole new plot, new songs and speculation already start begun who could fill julie andrews' shoes. that would not be easy, names being thrown around, anne hathaway, kristen bell and emily blunt, lee great names. >> amy adams. >> the songs, shouldn't they name it like something else? >> you'll have to write them a letter. >> you can tear down every story. >> such a disrupter. >> if it's going to change that much why even call it mary poppins. >> hard to remake such an amazing class glick dylan is like do we have a six-day school week, that would be good. >> now to the corny tribute to a pop music icon. this is a corn maze in frederick, maryland, can you
8:17 am
guess who that is supposed to be. >> taylor swift. >> yes. >> why do they do that to the kwornfield? >> the owners of the farm creating a 12-acre tribute to swift. >> isn't that a waste of perfectly good corn? >> what do they do with all the uneaten corn. >> with the phrase dare to be different above her head. taylor shared this picture on instagram. that opens, by the way next week and runs through nobody 1st and theboro mans between jimmy fallon and justin timberlake on "the tonight show" said they don't need words. one look is all it takes to communicate. turns out somebody else wants in on that bromance. ♪
8:18 am
>> will ferrell speaking for all of us. hey, guys, let me in. let me be a part that have. >> i love that. >> and that is your pop star. >> that's good stuff. >> all right. carson, thank you very much. mrs. derogatory, let's have a check of the weather. >> i'm just going to stick with the weather today. it seems to be much better for me. >> too late. >> we've got an area of high pressure building through the plain states and this huge ridge in the jet stream. not only is it going to be above average, but it's going to feel more like mid-summer for some areas as highs get back into the mid and even upper 80s over the next couple of days this. will stretch all the way into the northeast and into new england, too, with the summer-like warmth sticking around through the week and through the weekend as well. as for temperatures today. amarillo, texas. 90 degrees. 8 degrees above average and wichita, kansas in the upper 80s. heat will build in kansas city up into minneapolis, 12 degrees the average with a high of 84. northeast today nice and comfortable, warm, sunny,
8:19 am
good morning. right around 60 degrees across most of the bay area. it will be a nice day. a lot of sun but the winds picking up. in san francisco, expect a high of 67 degrees. east bay, 74. 76 in the tri-valley. the clouds are breaking up and 72 in north bay. in the south bay, expect a high of 77 degrees. our temperatures cooler than average and the winds today up to 30 miles an hour. and that's your latest forecast. matt in. >> dylan, thank you very much. now day two of our special series where are they now? we're looking back at stories that captivated the country through the eyes of the people who lived through them. this morning two families brought together by tragedy and an unimaginable mistake. wednesday, april 26, 2006, a date that would forever change the lives of two families. a semi truck truck a van filled
8:20 am
with nine college students returning from a school outing. whitney cerak's mom colleen received a call later that evening. >> i think they just told me that they were sorry that whitney was one of the victims in the accident and that she had died. >> 22-year-old laura van rhijn was also in that van. her parents done and suzy and her sister lisa received a call as well. hauera was alive but in critical condition and unconscious. >> they told us at that point expect to see her in an altered state. she's got tubes coming out everywhere, you know. she's bruised up. >> not going to look like herself. >> she's not going to look like herself. >> for five weeks the family sat beside laura's bed encouraged by slow signs of progress, small movements in laura's arms and legs and then they started noticing other signs. you noticed something about her teeth. >> these two on either side in the front looked different to
8:21 am
me. >> the van rhijns began to have doubts and then came the startling confirmation. >> i said can you tell me your name, and she said whitney. >> it was a heartbreaking realization for the van rhijns. their daughter laura was gone which meant newall and colleen cirak's daughter was alive. >> i remember when anna said, it's whitney. >> a case of mistaken identity that changed lives forever. whitney has made a full recovery to her boyfriend matt in the same church where her family held her funeral. whitney had no memory of the vigil at her bedside but the affection for her family remains everlasting, and i welcome back some of my favorite people in the world, the van rhijns and
8:22 am
wheelers and ceraks. i try to keep up with you guys, three beautiful children. whitney, how old are they in. >> samantha is 6 months old, rebecca a year and a half and zach is 3 1/2. >> must have made for an interesting flight here. >> yeah, it did. >> done and susie, i want to start with you, learned so much about your faith and grace, and i know you were all together last night, and when i see you with whitney and matt and their children, i think that there must be joy mixed with heartache because this is one of the milestones you had wanted for your daughter. >> well, that's certainly true, but what a joy to see whitney and matt with their three kids. it's wonderful. yeah, it's nothing but joy for them. >> and you and colleen ten years
8:23 am
ago wouldn't have thought this was possible. could you november have gotten your arms around the fact that you would be sitting here with these three grandchildren. >> yeah. >> so pressed. >> it is a true blessing. i mean, we did not know and never thought it was at this point but it's a true joy to see these three kits with matt and whitney. >> these two families have remained close. i know you don't get to see each other all time, but what's it like when you get back together, don? >> it's a lot of fun. we love the cerak family, and we catch up on what's been happening and just encourage each other. >> it's impossible for two families or any individual to go through what you have all been through without being forever changed. lisa, i think of you when i say this because for all those days you spent in that hospital by the bedside of what you thought was your sister you came out of
8:24 am
of it with a desire to help others and it's become a career for you. tell me about that. >> yes. after that time spent with whitney and helping her through some of her therapies i was encouraged to go back to school and get into that field which i never would have done had we not had that experience, so now i work at a school with special needs kids, and it's just been a -- it's been a great experience. i love it. >> matt, you served in the military. you've been to afghanistan a couple of times. i know you're going to spend some time in the iraq in the not too distant future. it has to be very hard to leave this behind when you go overseas. >> yeah. it's always difficult. i mean, difficult for anybody. it's actually more difficult for them to be home without me. >> the reason this story has impacted me so much and we were together, full disclosure last night, and i told you all this and susie, i'll turn to you on this is that i learned so much about your faith, your
8:25 am
unshakeable faith through all of this. at one point i said to you, susie, i said you're so strong, and you said to me, no, i am so weak, but my faith is strong. is that what you want others to take away from thisstory? >> we certainly want others to know that there's a heavenly father that loves and cares about each one of us and to trust him and know that he's hanging on to you is just -- it's a wonderful gift. >> is it also important for people to know that some things simply can't be explained? >> yeah. >> yes. >> there are just some things that can't be explained but the faith that we have in christ, faith that we have in god has gone so deep, even in the midst of the crisis, it's been that which really has given us the strength to get through all of it. >> well, i have enjoyed keeping track of all of you. whitney, if we do this again in five years, are we going to have
8:26 am
more kids to talk about? >> we'll see. >> it's greati'm ... ==anim== ns this morning... ==too= sfrj . a very good morning to you. more details from the massive valley wildfire burning in lake county and the north bay. 15%fighters getting a boost from the weather conditions. the feire destroys 585 homes. one person died in the fire. a disabled senior who couldn't evacuate her home. many of the evacuees will likely return to their homes or whatever may be left of the homes as soon as today. it's going to be rough for them. check the morning commute. >> it's looking very slow, all around the bay. tuesday we expect a heavy volume of traffic, a slow drive.
8:27 am
below ten miles per hour for the stretch. you are looking at over an hour through that stretch to the city. a slow drive. we are seeing a lighter flow. smooth out a bit but a lot of red. easier drive across 92 and getting better across the dunbar bridge. very slow through the silicon valley. >> thank you very much. another update in half an hour. see you then. de niro and ariana grande
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
and duran duran. that's nbc "late show" on nbc tonight. >> we're back now. 4:30 on a tuesday morning. it's the 15th of september. it is stunningly beautiful all in new york city. welcome back, everyone. >> it is a beautiful morning to climb that. what do they call that? >> mt. medoriama. >> which is technically four stages, 24 obstacles, history was made and we'll talk about american ninja warrior coming up. >> do you watch ninja warrior?
8:31 am
>> i'm an aficionado. >> 30 seconds, do it. >> the guys were so great. two of the american ninja warriors. really incredibly compelling television. >> we'll catch up with these guys. >> speaking of climbing, also how do you make a movie about mountain climbing if you're not a fan of heights? we'll ask josh brolin, the star of the new movie "evrest". >> and the great carol burnett will join us and tell us more about the lost episodes of "the carol burnett show". >> and looking for something fun to do, don't forget "best time ever"ith neil patrick harris premiers tonight at 10:00, 9:00 central right here on nbc. >> and a check of the weather. >> natalie's bright blue dress and the bright blue sky. absolutely gorgeous. the fall crisp feel. there it is. we've got some warmer temperatures moving in though, even though it does feel a little touch like fall this morning. we've got high pressure pumping in the southwest winds and temps
8:32 am
will get into the upper 80s through plains and eventually spread eastward as we go through this week. we do have a chance of pox of heavier rain that could produce flash flooding back in the rockies. the southwest in california and also seeing some rain today and tomorrow heavier rain likely through california and the pacific northwest. could end up with a couple of inches of rain, especially in the mountainous areas. elsewhere, quiet upper 80s and low 90s through texas and upper oklahoma and midwest and should get back into the upper 80s in we have a beautiful shot this morning as the clouds roll away. we will have a beautiful sunshine. temperatures are in the 60s across the bay area. expect highs in the 60s and 70s this afternoon. the wind will pick up as we go through the day with gusts up to 30 miles an hour and a high of 72 in the peninsula, 74 in the east bay.
8:33 am
tri-valley, 76. 72 degrees and keeping you updated on the valley fire. and a big happy birthday out on the plaza. >> thank you. >> 50. >> wow. >> it feels wonderful. >> well, you look wonderful, too. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. >> matt? >> dylan, thank you. there are times when this is the best job in the world. this is one of them. legendary actress and comedian carol burnett has kept the world laughing for decades thanks largely to her head variety show "the carol burnett show." and the laughs roll on with the release of a new dvd, "the carol burnett show, the lost episodes." >> that absolutely did it! i am leaving this house and i am not coming back until the end of the football season! >> marches to the goal line. >> in case you missed it, here's the instant replay.
8:34 am
that's it. i am leaving. >> carol, welcome back. >> thank you, matt. >> so nice to see you. >> thank you. >> 48 years ago last -- i'm sorry. 34 years ago last week that show debuted. can you believe in a in. >> no, i can't. oh, a little side note. 48 years ago september 11th. >> right. >> 1967, harry connick jr. was born. just thought i'd tell you. >> wow, nice, a little trivia. >> that's fantastic. people that have seen so many of the bits from the show. >> mm-hmm. >> but what a lot don't realize is we've only seen the bits from seasons six through 11. >> correct. >> what happened to one through five in. >> well, when we were going to go into syndication all those years ago we had to do the last six years because there was some kind of legal mumbo-jumbo or something about the first five years so we just syndicated the last six.
8:35 am
>> so were the first five in a vault somewhere? what happened? >> well, tim kept them in his basement. they were locked up, you know. no. they were just not -- we couldn't show them, and now all of that has been worked out so here it is, you know, after all these years and nobody has seen them except when they were first aired. >> what shocked me, i was looking back at the numbers, carol. the height of this show's popularity, something like 30 million people a week watched it. >> yeah. >> that's almost unheard of these days. >> of course because there were only three channels. >> right. >> that was back in the covered wagon days, so, you know, everybody got a lot of numbers, you know, big numbers. >> did you ever stop and try to analyze why, why it hit such a nerve and became so popular? >> you know, no, i don't. i never did, and -- and it wasn't conscious on my part but now thinking about it i don't think you should analyze anything. you just go out and do it and have fun. >> you have received through
8:36 am
this show and so many other gigs you've had so many awards. you're about to receive one that i would imagine is very special. you're going to get a lifetime achievement award from the screen actor's guild. what does it mean? >> well, it's a biggie. that's a big one, and the only thing i'm nervous about is having to give a thank-you speech. >> have you started on it in. >> i don't know what i'm going to do, because the thing is i'm such a movie nut, you know, and there's all these movie stars that will be out there. i remember watching dick van dyke get his award and it panned everybody and i said, oh, my god. there's meryl streep. oh, god, there's brad pitt. oh, wow, you know, there's josh brolin, you know. i would be really nervous because i'm still in love with movie stars. >> don't you understand you're in awe of them and when you walk in that room they are all in awe of you? >> well, i would hope so. i would hope that they would be, but i doubt it. >> i can't wait to see what i missed from those first five seasons. >> well, it's fun to watch because, you know, vicki
8:37 am
lawrence was 18. >> yeah. >> right out of high school and it shows the growth in her, even in me, you know. >> a whole new generation is going to get to experience the genius of carol burnett. >> well, aren't you sweet, thank you. >> love you. always great to have you here. >> thank you, matt. >> and the dvd, "the carol burnett show, the lost episodes" is available today. >> up next we'll reveal the secrets of travel agents to help you get the most out of your next vacation. but first on a tuesday morning, this is "today" on nbc.
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:39. if you've been dreaming your next getaway. here's some good news. now is a great time to book a trip. >> with some new travel trends out there how do you find the right destination? nbc's joe fryer has the story. >> reporter: before the crystal blue views or the four-star food or front row seats to newspaper, a lot of vacations start here at
8:40 am
the bellagio resort in las vegas. >> bonjour. >> where are you taking her today? >> we are going to cabo san lucas in mexico. >> italy. >> we're going to paris. >> reporter: this is called the virtuoso travel week. >> this event is a lot like fashion week. the travel advisers come here to see what is the new hot deination. >> we're going on a journey to india. >> no visit to london is complete without the changing of the guards. >> literally face-to-face with the arctic. >> reporter: it's a place to learn about the latest travel trends. >> chile is becoming hot. >> reporter: from cruises. >> going to be largest cruise ship in the world. >> to resorts. >> we're the only resort within walt disney world. >> reporter: to all kinds of other adventures. >> we're going to africa. >> we're going to africa. >> yeah. i can tell. you brought props >> reporter: week is highlighted by a series of four-minute one-on-one meetings. it's like speed dating with travel destinations making their
8:41 am
pitch to travel advisers, the folks who plan trips for those of us itching to escape. >> these are the people that will make the wow factor for my clients on ground when they are traveling. >> you ready for some magic? >> yes, tell me. >> reporter: went on a dozen of those dates. >> if you go to india you get to ride an elephant, right? >> reporter: some went all out to impress. >> chilean cowboy. >> reporter: showing me cabo san lucas through a view finder. makes me want to sit on a beach right now. >> absolutely. >> reporter: and offering a virtual reality tour chile. >> oh, i see the water. i can see the water. experts say right now the most popular tourist places are the ones where can you learn something and immerse yourself in a country's culture that's why a major hot spot is southeast asia, especially vietnam. >> it's really about the personal enrichment and less about the simple relaxation. >> reporter: another trend, culinary travel. global trips based entirely on food create iin trading into th
8:42 am
restaurants and cooking schools and even one trip that offered a meal in a home and trips to iceland or greenland or any part of the arctic where you can get up close and personal with nature. >> it looks like these tourists get really close to the polar bears. >> they do, safely. >> reporter: and for family it's an idea that you might not expect. >> family river cruising is very, very popular. >> you unpack once which when you have children is a big selling point, but it also slows down life a little bit. >> reporter: virtuoso also offers these travel trips. don't just budget for flights and hotel. remember food and activities. fall is a great time to visit europe with spain and germany the best values, and for the holidays plan sooner rather than later. a world of travel ideas courtesy of a conference that shows sometimes what happens in vegas can lead you across the globe. for "today" joe fryer, nbc news, las vegas. >> when you go on vacation, are
8:43 am
you a sheer relax person or personal enrichment person? ♪ if you like pina clad race, >> no, i'm not into adventure, talking adventure, josh brolin taking his to new heights in the movie
8:44 am
8:45 am
we are back at 8:45 with josh brolin, star of the new movie "evrest," a real story about a group of commercial climbing groups that tried to scale mt. evrest in 1986. josh plays a texas doctor making a bid for the summit. >> this is suffering. >> suffer a few more days. the rest of your life you'll be a guy that got to the top of evrest. hmm, huh? >> i just hope i get there.
8:46 am
>> yeah. hope i get there and get home. >> josh brolin, good morning to you. >> this is a fascinating story about this doomed climb and somehow we -- you seem to capture everything. you've got the adventure and heart what. drew you to this project? >> it's walt what captured everything, safely tore cortino who captured everything. they wanted us out there. he has this kind of viking mentality or at least that's what he uses and he says, look, this is an incredible story. i knew the story, you and i said we read crack hauer's book "into thin air" and i said i want to be involved in a story. a lot of times a movie will come along and you'll go i'll think about it, i'm not sure. this is a story i want to be involved any way i possibly can but i remember being moved by what happened in '96. >> it feels so real the way it's portrayed on the screen. >> good, good. you can't obviously climb
8:47 am
mt. evrest for a shoot but this was not exactly a cakewalk. >> we went up there. we were in nepal, went to base camp and almost to base camp and got as high as 16,000 feet. the dole mights in italy and ended up in london in stages with salt being thrown into 100-mile-an-hour fans which i hated so much. i would satch rather be in 20 below zero than be in that situation again. >> most people think that's a green screen. >> the worst part. >> did you also -- i heard you had done an altitude simulator with jake gyllenhaal. what was la that like? >> competitive and biologically completely threw us and got up to 28,000 feet. >> explain what that does to the body. >> it's horrible because you're actually cellularly dying at 25,000 feet. anybody who goes up above 25,000 feet is cellularly dying so we look at each other. we know nothing is going to happen. there's an emergency oxygen mask there, but you see the thing go
8:48 am
from 25,000 feet, 26,000 feet. he goes white. you can't do the one, two, three, four, four, three, two, one anymore. can't do anything. don't know your name or what you're looking at but, you know, it's like, i don't know, two guys looking at each other going i'm going to beat you, no matter what. >> you're like trying to -- >> it's manly. >> macho here in the altitude simulator. >> so dumb. >> you play beck weathers whose character -- >> matt interviewed him 17 years ago. >> i remember that like it was yesterday because he interviewed beck weathers not long after he was saved and rescued from the money taps. as you well know, he lost a limb and suffered terrible frostbite. >> i spent a lot of time with him. had some jack daniels with his. he likes the jack daniels. >> does he. >> he's got mentality you don't climb anymore. your wife doesn't want you to climb, that's part of the story and i said what do you do now? do you read, do this? and he said no i fly jets now so
8:49 am
it's like once you have that thing, i think it has to manifest in one way or another. he definitely has it. >> not surprising he doesn't play solitaire or something. >> yes. >> one thing level to the movie that's interesting, not just an adventure story but also what moves a certain type of person. >> to do that kind of thing, knowing that you have a one in four chance to survive and now especially, rob holz thing, the 100-mile-an-hour wind came and the storm and now you have a lot more people climbing it and if you have the $65,000 people to do it, do people belong up there or not? >> you didn't think i'd let you go without asking you about your wedding planning. >> okay. >> i heard you're getting into the planning. >> you're engaged. >> i plan other people's weddings now. >> what about yours. >> is that what you're asking in. >> should have been more direct. >> you're getting married. >> i am. >> and here you are actually involved in the planning. >> i like it. it's fun for me. i don't know, is that wrong, because i'm a man, i'm supposed to -- >> that's why i picked it.
8:50 am
are you picking out doylies and things like that? >> i am. well, not doylies, i don't go that far, but, you know, i do, i like it. she doesn't have to draw me into this thing. i like it, so we're looking for a place and deciding on a place. deciding on doilies, the whole thing, color coordinating. >> if you need any doily advice, just a call away. freight to have you here and congratulations on the movie. it's great. >> thank you very much. >> we'll hear from jake gyllenhaal next hour. >> "evrest." >> he's so cute. >> he's a stud, too. should have seen him in the altitude simulator. september 18th, nationwide. the 25th, what am i talking about, when the movie opened. >> the men who made history last
8:51 am
8:52 am
welcome back to today. "american ninja warrior" pit some of the country's best athletes against a grueling obstacle course for a chance to win $1 million. >> enough of it. it was amazing. seven seasons of this great show. nobody has ever finished the darn thing, and last night finaled we get two incredible competitors who are both here. you've been the host since day one, the most exciting tv on tv last night. you must have been shocked that after seven seasons without getting through stage three to
8:53 am
stage four you get two. >> totally unanticipated and geoff britten barely survive at end of stage three. we thought he was falling into the water. his fingers giving out and gets through and has to climb 75 feet in under 30 seconds. >> come on. >> it was unbelievable. >> after you, guys. >> history-makers. >> no one has ever done this and suddenly two people do. >> yes. >> i mean, were you in shock at your own ability? >> very in shock, like it's non-stop shocking moment all the time and especially when you get into stage four. >> isaac, take us to the final stage four. 77 feet high the rope. you had a time to beat. geoff went first and he was there. 27 seconds. what was that like? >> when you're in that moment everything disappears behind you, and i was going and going and doing what i know pest and as i got to the top the arms burned out and i went into this mode where your body just does not want to go anyfurther and that's when you say you've got it, got to keep doing it and
8:54 am
pushing all the way to the top. >> you did it. you completed it. it's huge and then you've got to watch this guy go. >> i'm so proud of isaac. he's an animal. the better man that night. nothing but respect for him. for me it was really hard. i had to go into battle mode. stage three almost killed me. >> took the life out of you. >> so tired. >> the big ladders. barely hang on and then you had the arms burn on this rope thing. >> so for fun we thought we'd have you guys show it. >> our version of myth midoriyama. normally 40. see if they can beat the clock. >> beating it defies gravity. i have no doubt they will both get up there. >> who wants to harness up. >> rock climbers. >> isaac is a guy who will define paths that people have never climbed before and challenge them to follow him. geoff, on the other hand, has a history of climbing but is a family man, a sports camera man
8:55 am
and what's been interesting now he's on the other side of the camera and completely risen to the occasion, amazing. >> people who want to train to be american ninja warriors see these two individuals. >> last year we had kacy cat anzaro, the first woman and applications went through the roof and seeing it can be done, already had a record number of applications and we haven't even started the push for next season so i think it's going to be incredible. >> one minute. let's get geoff up there and isaac, we'll harness you up, too, because we'll get you right behind. >> time on the clock if you wouldn't mind, please. >> okay. >> this is for you, carson. >> okay. >> come on, popeye and see what you've got. >> do i get a count. >> through, two, one, go. >> look at the form. it is unbelievable. >> such technique there. >> explosive. right up there. >> just like last night. >> oh, my gosh.
8:56 am
no problem. >> that's awesome. >> 30 seconds. >> if you can get a little harness going. >> everyone asked if i can do it. i want to let you know i got on the rope earlier and i did get off the ground about a foot. >> good for you. >> if we can get isaac over there. ten seconds left. >> my 6-year-old is into american ninja warrior, really transformed into tv. >> kidsi'm ... ==anim== new dets this morning... ==topvo== on the damage and devastation from the massive valley wildfire 8:56. we have some new details about the damage and devastation nin the valley fire. it is 15% contained, at least 585 homes have been destroyed. 67,000 acres burned. parking will be more complicated in downtown palo
8:57 am
alto. a new permit program that allows permit holders to park for the day on city streets. otherwise, there's a two-hour time limit. downtown residents qualify for them. if you work downtown, you can buy a permit for $235. more local news in a half hour. ♪
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♪ ♪ you're only young once. unless you have a subaru. (announcer) the subaru xv crosstrek. symmetrical all-wheel drive plus 34 mpg. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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this morning on "today's take" jake gyllenhaal on going to the extreme for his new film evrest and our buddy mel b. is here to spice things up and 16 weeks to 2016 and we want you to join us for a get fit challenge, all that and more coming up now. from nbcnous this is "today's take request al roker and willie geist and tomorrow ron hall live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today" hon this tuesday morning, september 15th, 2015. dylan has dialed up another beautiful day for us here. >> yes. this whole week going to be gorgeous. >> september weather.
9:01 am
>> september into beginning of october. >> just warm enough but not cool. >> noise and comfortable and night. love it. >> this is jay-z "rock boys" 2007, one of my favorite songs of all time. i read "rolling stone" named it the best song of 2007. >> wow. >> good horn section. >> was it just named the best song of 2007 or back in 2007? >> great song. "rock boys" download it today. fantastic. talking a lot of donald trump these days aren't we because of the presidential campaign. another massive event last night in dallas and at sold out american airlines arena, but there 's the little matter of who will take his job on "the apprentice" and it is arnold, arnold schwarzenegger is the next host of "the apprentice." trump left the show and ended his relationship with nbc after he announced the presidential campaign and what donald had to say at rally yesterday about schwarzenegger. >> they have announced or will soon announce, you know who is going to take the place of
9:02 am
trump? arnold. arnold. arnold schwarzenegger. good, right? i think it's a good choice, and he's a friend of mine, and i approve it 100% and i'm with him 100% and think he'll do great and will raise a lot of money for charity. >> i think he's going to be brilliant. >> i think it's going to be fun. >> it's going to be really fun to watch, yeah. >> trump's catch phrase of course was "you're fired." >> you're fired. >> if schwarzenegger is not hasta la vista, baby. >> or you're terminated. >> something crazy has happened. >> you've been terminated. >> you won't be back. >> go with the obvious. sometimes the most obvious one is the correct one, hasta la vista, baby, get out of the board room. >> and maybe he'll come up with a whole new one and throw everybody for a loop. >> what, something was terminated? >> like a tumor. >> that's my favorite line from "considering the cop." >> maybe that one will work. >> have you ever caught a foul ball at a baseball game? >> cheated at a spring training game. one went up into the empty
9:03 am
stands and i went up and get it. >> my husband caught one front and center that sits in front. >> which game? >> red sox yankees? >> that's a great ball to catch. >> what did he have to do to catch it in. >> it bounced off the rafters and he just went like this and it just landed right in his hand. >> wow. >> like of those things we talk about on news. let's talk about one, right? this fan might have gone a little bit too far to catch the foul ball. check this out. >> all right. >> at last night's l.a. dodgers game, first baseman adrian gonzalez reaches in and it's in his glove, and he's taking it out of the glove. >> and then the battle ensues. >> he want that had ball. >> what did they do in. >> he's out and caught it. >> he ripped it out. >> like you can't do that. >> is that a red sox cap that guy is wearing? >> i can't tell. they were playing the colorado rockies. >> now i'm embarrassed, i'm a
9:04 am
red sox fan. >> they threw him out, right in. >> the dodgers did win. the dodgers beat the colorado rockies 4 da-2 and he still hass hand. adrian gonzalez still has a hand and a mitt. >> front row at the dodgers game and have a red sox hat on. >> that just looks bad for all red sox fans. >> gonzalez made the catch. >> and the try got ejected from the game so that's good. what do you do when we have kids' parties and families over at the house. the kids make a little bit of a mess or a lot of a mess. how do you handle the situation? so the reason we're asking the question a woman wrote into "boston globe" asking for advice. recently is hosting a party. there were kids there, and the kids got a little crazy. so she said she asked the kids to help clean up the place, and then she got a little stink eye from one of the other parents. >> oh, the mom gave the stink eye. >> yeah, gave her a stink eye. >> where do you draw the line, it's your house and having the party and having kids that you
9:05 am
know most likely will make a mess at your house. >> i figure there's going to be pop corns everywhere, plates, tracks, broken thing. i do the cleanup. >> if the kids really made a mess the parents could step in. >> i use my kids in that example. i say kids clean up, right near the parents and i'm hoping through os mowsies. >> and they say, okay, mom, i'll go clean up. >> always, every time they say that. i wouldn't give the stink eye though if they asked my child politely to help clean up, george, lucy, you helped make the mess, go help clean up. >> i think you're allowed if it is your house but i do expect some degree of chaos in the house. >> right. >> that's going to happen. i think you have to go in knowing that's going to happen. >> everybody leaves, pour yourself a drink and you look at that mess and you go phew and then you clean it up. >> left with the mess. another great clip. we absolutely love james cordin,
9:06 am
got that carpool croaky that he does and this is a legendary carpool karaoke because stevie wonder was in the carpool with him, okay. this is on "the late late show" last night and they teamed up with some of stevie's favorite songs and phoned james' wife julia and had no idea who was on the phone so i think you know where this is going when stevie picks up the phone and take a look. >> julia. >> who is this? >> this is stevie. julie, this is stevie from england, not the stevie wonder that you know. ♪ i just called to say james loves you ♪ ♪ i just called to say how much he cares ♪ ♪ i just called to say he loves
9:07 am
you ♪ ♪ and he promises me that he'll let me be on his show for an hour ♪ >> oh, so good. >> that's awesome. >> he's crying there, so moved by that. the funniest part, you've got to watch because they sing the greatest hits of stevie wonder but they started interview. they cut to it and stevie wonder is in the driver's seat putting on his seat belt, and james cordin calmly puts his on and stevie says something, you know what, i forgot my license, i better not drive and then they switch seats. that's a great bit. >> so great. would you hope that the wife, hold on, let me just roll the record button. >> must not have known what the heck was going on. amazing. >> got a look at the weather out there. >> yes, another beautiful day for most of the country. fantast fantastic. >> leather seats and leather skirts do not allow you to get yourself off the chair. let me peel myself off and walk myself over to the weather monitor where we do have some
9:08 am
scattered showers this morning through parts of florida where it seems like these fronts have just been getting stalled out all summer long and that's going to trigger all summer long and some of these could lead to heavy downpours and flash flooding. next several days up until saturday, every day we have a chance of scattered showers and storms. the good news is the heaviest of the rain will be out over the atlantic and gulf and we could still end up with two to up to three inches of rain within some of the heavier downpours. elsewhere here's the big area of high pressure, keeping it high and dry through the plains and midwest and northeast. temperatures today will still be on the comfortable side with low humidity but humidity will start building over the course of the next several days and out towards parts of the rockies we could also see more scattered good morning. i'm meteorologist kerry hall. temperatures still in the low 60s. a lot of sunshine breaking out across the bay area. today highs will be in the 60s
9:09 am
and 70s. in the east bay a high of 74 degrees. mostly sunny skies. winds picking up too. 67 in san francisco. in the tri-valley high of 76. 72 in the north bay and 77 in the south bay. the peninsula today also in the lower 70s. >> i'm stuck back in. >> did you make it back. >> here for the rest of the show. >> dylan, thanks. coming you, we'll meet the three brave viewers who are about to get whipped into shape over the next 16 weeks by our diet and fitness experts joy and jenna. >> ready, guys. >> 16 ♪ ♪ ♪ and off you go, ♪ ♪ ♪ and off you go,♪ ♪ ♪ and off you go,♪
9:10 am
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believe it or not, there's just 16 weeks left until 2016. we don't want you to wait until january to start your diet and fitness resolution. >> so we'll start moving and eating right today along with three fearless "today" show fans taking our 16 to '16 challenge. >> i am ready and motivated to lose weight because i need to be strong for my family. this past year has brought many obstacles to my life. my husband of 31 years is dealing with a traumatic brain injury. i'm now working three jobs and have become the sole supporter of my family. the result, stress, overeating, not enough time for exercise and weight gain. i have put everyone else first this past year and i strongly believe it's time to put myself a little higher up on the totem pole. >> my motivation to find my fitness and return to my old self comes primarily for my love for my family. about 15 years ago i followed my dreams and opened a bicycle shop
9:14 am
with my wivch when the business went under last year i went from an avid athlete to an unmotivated struggling business owner. i don't eat as well as i should and it's hard to find motivation to work out. i want to get healthy so i'll be able to enjoy a long life with those that i love. >> i don't feel comfortable in my own body. i'm concerned that if i don't make changes spoon it will become increasingly difficult to get healthy. i know the odds are against me because i have a family history of hypertension and my father passed away from a heart attack. dieting is hard, but i'd like to eat the soul food i grew up with, even if i have to modify the recipe. i need to be better for myself, for my family and friends and for everyone watching. >> and so here they are, mary jean, ken and rachelle all here along with "today" nutritionist joy bauer and fitness expert jenna wolfe.
9:15 am
go down the line and tell us what you're most looking forward to once you get to that point, mary jean. >> i want to get healthy for 2016 and feel comfortable in my clothes because i'm kind of stuffed in everything right now so. >> yeah. >> ken? >> you know, i want to be active and healthy for my family and my kids are super active and i want to be able to just go with their speed. >> and are a chil >> i want to run a half marathon. >> great goal. >> you weighed in at 196.5, you don't like that number. i saw the look on your face but guess what this is the last time you're going to start at that number. embrace that hand join that. >> ken, you weighed in at 221 pounds, same thing. not crazy about it, but this is your starting pain, and that's the whole point of all of this is we all need a jumping off point and 773. let's hope that's the highest we are going to be. >> yes. >> because from here we are
9:16 am
moving in one direction and one direction only. >> you'll be seeing less of them next week. >> what are some of the things can you start to do as you look at those numbers and goals. >> first, let me say that you're going to see a remarkable transformation in their bodies but most importantly, great for all the viewers watching, they are get to get life-changing health perks as well, lowering cholesterol, blood pressure, steadying their blood sugars and i'll walk you over here and this is the very first tip that i want everybody to start doing this week. >> walk on over. >> this is a big one. >> yeah. >> so every day prior to lunch and dinner you're going to front load with vegetables, so it can be soup, a salad, baby carrots or cherry tomatoes, one cup of vegetables prior to lunch or dinner and here's why. they are loaded with fiber and water so they will start to expand in your stomach as you eat them and it's going to take the edge off your hunger so you're going to eat less, and, of course, big bonus, they are loaded with anti-oxidants and
9:17 am
nutrition. >> everyone can do this as home. >> everyone. >> come on over to jenna because she will get you started on the fitness part of it. >> the deal with you guys and the deal with me is all about account ability so stand in front of a chair. the deal is we're not doing this for me. we're doing this for you. there's no cheating to do. i want you to be honest and true to yourself, a journey we're starting from the beginning. given fitness trackers. you'll start out with steps that monitor your steps, your calories and sleep, an all-encompassing journey. 7,000 a steps a day is what i want you to start with, number one. number two, once a day i would like you to get moving up and down. everyone has a chair in their house. i want you to sit down really quietly and an southern it and sand right back up. sit down, stabbed up. do it ten times, rest and do nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one and do that small workout once a day and then we'll move on. >> you people at home, got to get going on that.
9:18 am
>> there you go. >> there you go. >> are you ready for this, guys, you ready. >> you've signed yourselves up and nothing like the pressure of live television. >> totally ready. >> all right. well, good luck to all of you, and you know you've got these two to answer to. >> oh, yeah, oh, yeah. >> and they are hep here to help you. congratulations and good luck, everybody. every pound that the participants lose "today" show will be donating $16 per pound lost. >> we'll check back with you lost. >> some of the country's most creative teachers in the classroom and the tricks they use to get their kids to learn right after this.
9:19 am
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9:22 am
for now on our series cool school week and we want to shine a spotlight on some. most creative teachers in the country. >> we received a slew of online submissions telling us about awesome educators so let's show you some of them, and we're starting off in montara, california where fourth grade teachers liam murray and erin fitzgerald have come up with a really good idea to get kids to read. their mission is to make reading fun. every friday afternoon they hold tea time reading, where kids bring in a mug, sip tea and listen to classical music and read. >> i love that. it's perfect. >> you're my swiper. >> let's head to allen texas and teacher michelle siegel who uses
9:23 am
music to keep her middle school students involved math and take a look at how she teaches ratio but rewriting a song. ♪ my function is a line so you will notice all the time ♪ ♪ that what's not change is its slope ♪ ♪ so please check out the rise over the run and you will find the equation that is meant for you ♪ ♪ to see the slope, it's the ratio ♪ >> now i finally get what that's all about. >> now we know. the best way to know math. just play it to music. now want to head out to illinois and park ridge, and there are -- there's a social studies teacher who is trying to teach his sixth graders about michelangelo and what it might have been like to draw and paint upside down so he has his kids tape the paper to the bottom of their desk and they play on their floor to make the sketches. >> just like the christine chapel. >> exactly. next, beth joyner from
9:24 am
millerville, georgia. she has an interesting way to teach students about action verbs. take a look. >> all right. give me a great verb. >> spinning. >> good. >> i like this. >> turning. >> she even gets a workout while she does it. >> working on the arms. >> beth says she began every lesson this way for the last 26 years. >> gets the blood flowing to the head. >> whatever works. >> our thanks to everyone who sent in a submission. some great teachers all across the country at we'll have more from our cool school series tomorrow when we play probability plinko. >> everybody loves plinko. still to come, my conversation with the cast of "evrest" and the bromance brewing between jake gyllenhaal and josh brolinch that's all coming up after your local news and weather.
9:25 am
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9:26 am
... new details on the massive wildfire burning in the north a very good tuesday morning to you. it is 9:26. new details in the massive wildfire burning in the north. cal fire says it's 16% contained. 585 homes are destroyed. we're learning at least the shed horn sellers winery burned down as did the owner's home. other wineries lost vineyards. we're learning more about the one person who sadly died in the fire. a disabled woman who was trapped in her home. 72-year-old barbara mcwilliams had multiple sclerosis and no way to evacuate.
9:27 am
a care giver tried to get to her home but could not get through because the roads were closed. happening today, the tech crowds descend on san francisco for the dream force. the conference is expected to attract more than 150,000 people creating a hotel room crunch across the city, not to mention the likely traffic crunch. a look at traffic and weather after the break.
9:28 am
traffic ck fremont sponsor good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we're now in the 70s, and we will see the highs in 70s today. 74 in los gatos. a lot of sunshine. palo alto 77 degrees. the mission district at 68 today. the winds will start to pick up and you'll notice the gusts coming in from the northwest at about -- up to 30 miles an hour in cal stowinga. 67 in beyond.
9:29 am
pinellas >> fremont. basically the dumbarton bridge. a sem i and three vehicles in the crash. things better towards 237. northbound 101 drags from 85 past sjc. everything else easing up. north of san mateobridge, easing up. 580 and the east shore freeway easing a bit. back to you. >> another local news update in half an hour. have a great morning.
9:30 am
taking a look at the headlines. authorities are searching for several people missing in a flash flood that washed over a utah town. at least eight people died when water swept away two vehicles carrying women and children. three people survived. a government task force said a daily low dose aspirin could help people in their 50s and '60s prevent a first heart attack or stroke. they might get some protection against colon cancer at the same time. the guidelines from the task force are only for people with a high risk of heart disease and low risk of side effects. vitamin d supplements might help to ward of dementia. a researchers at rutgers
9:31 am
university fouled people over 60 with low levels of vitamin d experienced levels of decline. talk to your doctor. too much vitamin d can be dangerous according to a new study from new york university, the most harmful pollution includes microscopic particles that get into the lungs or broad streams that can be coughed out. it is linked to 27% more deaths from respiratory disease among nonsmokers. portion size affects how much people eat. british researchers looked at data from more than 6,000 people to see how portions approximate food packaging implements eating habits. they found, yes, people ate more when they were offered larger portions or ate from bigger plates. experts say completely eliminating larger sized
9:32 am
portions from the diet could reduce americans's calories in take by a third. well, if you think your commute was bad, look at this. two men narrowly escaping injury or even death when an elephant went on the attack. the elephant walked on the highway from the nearby forrest and went after the bikers. both men managed to get away, suffering only minor injuries, thankfully. >> let's get a check of the weather once again from dilan. >> thanks, natalie. i was so excited to tell you about the 6th grade social studies teacher who had students tape the papers upside-down so they could see what it feels like to be michael angelo. chris, here's your personal forecast. a nice sunny day today. we have a lot of sun but not a lot of humidity. that's always a good combination. temperatures in the low to
9:33 am
mid-80s. that's what we will see in the northeast. gulf coast, scattered showers. flash flooding in the northern rockies where we could get heavier downpours. tomorrow, same story. northern rockies will ski scattered showers. rain moves into northern california, much needed good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. a lot of sunshine coming out now across the bay area. temperatures in the lower 60s. expected to reach 67 in san francisco today and the winds picking up too. mostly sunny skies across the bay. 77 in the south bay and 72 in the peninsula. east bay, 74 degrees. in the tri-valley expect also those highs in the mid 70s. in the north bay 72. the winds gusting up to 30 miles an hour this afternoon. >> and that's your latest forecast. >> thank you, dylan. in 1996 a group of intrepid
9:34 am
climbers battled an extreme blizzard in their quest to summit mt. evrest. some survived and some did not an their journey gained worldwide attention and inspired the best-seller "into thin air." >> "dylan, you had a chance to sit down with the cast. >> i did, an amazing cast. a widely documented tale of tragedy and survival and now can you see it in true hollywood style, imax 3-d. i talked to "evrest" cast about what it was like to work on thennic film. >> evrest is another beast all together. >> it's an epic and emotional tale that plays out on the world's highest summit. >> i'm going to come out to you. >> i know this is not an easy shoot. there were extremes of all kinds. do you think everybody, the cast and crew dealing with those extremes, made it that much more realistic? >> yes, i do think so. we decided to -- or i decided to make it as hard on the actors as possible. >> i think the nature of the whole experience was set up by
9:35 am
bot. he said early on if you are down for the experience to be real and make this movie and if you're not don't do it. >> my whole team made it up, ya in. >> you played scott fisher. he was the leader of mountain madness. how would you explain his attitude to the mountain from the people that knew him is. >> i think he had extraordinarily positive and very loving point of view about climbing and expedition -- this expedition in particular and everybody he was climb with, and i think he was in my opinion the strongest climber really up there that year. >> in prepping for "evrest" the cast and crew were deliberately pushed to their own extremes. >> i heard you and josh went into an altitude simulator. >> we did, that together. >> how did that go? got to mess with your mind? >> it was beautiful. >> my soul was naked. that was -- you know, i can't think of any better place than to be with josh brolin that in an at tuiteitude simulator.
9:36 am
>> you're at the beginning of the movie, don't know what you're getting into. bot makes it sound like you're going to war and you're like, okay, i've got to really show up here and then you have two es go that show up in the thing and we're looking at each other and our eyes are completely pinned and we're pale and you can see the capillaries. >> i'm thinking he looks really pale and i was fine. >> i've got to ask the question, i know you do. >> michael, you play jon krakauer and so many people are familiar with the book "into thin air" and he was the guy documenting everything that happened on this climb to evrest. do you think that because he was there people pushed themselves harder thanny that would have? >> you know, i think that first and foremost scott fisher and rob hall cared about getting everyone to the top safely and done safely. >> when you're playing real people and a lot of them are still alive and just a real
9:37 am
sense of integrity amongst the cast that we had to honor what happened in the best way that we could. >> jake, a lot of the roles you've been playing are mentally, physically exhausting. how would you say preparing for "evrest" compares to preparing for "southpaw" or "night crawler." >> i have no idea what it's like to prepare for the actual "evrest" but preparing for the movie, you know, you're with a group of people. i think when you're climbing a mountain and particularly making a movie about that, you know, we were all in this together. >> just recently jon krakauer who survives the climb considers this 1996 expedition the biggest mistake of his life. "evrest" by our sister company universal hits theaters in 3-d this friday and you have to go see it. it's both visually and emotionally powerful. >> i cannot wait to see it. >> head right to the theater next friday. >> the book was one of the most riveting i've ever said. can't wait to see the movie. >> fantastic.
9:38 am
>> good interview, dylan. >> coming up next our friend mel b is back and here to talk about "america's got talent." howard stern is leaving. spice girl reunion. toaster's broken.hat's going on? which means no eggo waffles. something smells delicious. eggo! l'eggo my eggo breakfast sandwich. it's sweet, it's savory, it's in your microwave. l'eggo my eggo breakfast sandwich. ...83% try to eat healthy. yet up to...90% fall short in getting key nutrients from...
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stop taking and call your doctor right away if you experience symptoms such as rash, swelling, or difficulty breathing or swallowing. tell your doctor about any medical conditions, medications you are taking, and if you have kidney or liver problems. using invokana® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may increase risk of low blood sugar. it's time. lower your blood sugar with invokana®. imagine loving your numbers. there's only one invokana®. ask your doctor about it by name. season three finale of "america's got talent" starts now. >> whoo. >> she's excite d. >> super performances down to a handful of finalists. >> nothing else like it on tv.
9:42 am
where else will you find talent like the professional regurgitator? >> i'm going to swallow the smoke from the cup. >> i'm going to make a bubble bring up the smoke which is in my tummy and put half of this into the bubble. here is the smoke. the bubble and the smoke is coming up. [ cheers and applause ] >> wow. >> a preview of who might take home the million dollar prize. >> mel b. >> hi. >> so we're down to the final ten, including the regurgitator. >> down to the wire. >> anybody can win. >> yes. >> the regurgitator is incredible. what he does. >> how does he do that? >> i was trying to figure it
9:43 am
out. is it a trick? does he actually swallow, and i have no idea. it's fascinating. >> it is, and i can't take my eyes off of him. >> he's one of your favorites. >> one of my favorites, and the mentalist. he can predict exactly what you're thinking. it's crazy. >> we talk about this it feels like every time you come but after a season of this show you feel like you can't see anything new. >> and then that happens. >> and then that happens. >> it's all craze. >> i wonder how a guy gets to discover that he has this. >> we did discuss that in the break. we won't go there. too early, too early. hilarious. >> hour, this is his last show, howard stern. how does that make you feel, have such great chemistry together? >> i know, i'm kind of sad. i hope i do it next year. i haven't been told or asked yet, nbc. >> come on, nbc. >> and now there's more money because howard's gone but i'm sad he's not going to do it because he's so great and a great guy to work with. he's a great judge, a bit moody
9:44 am
and grumpy sometimes. >> aren't we all. >> yeah. >> you have a dream replacement for howard stern? who would be like pie in the sky. >> just me. just me. i don't need anybody else. >> whatever howard was making. >> all mine. >> now i know you guys are taking about the spice girls reunion, too. >> yeah. >> last time we were here we put you on spot and you just said during the break it's going to happen. >> i want to make it happen. >> okay. >> our 20th year anniversary. >> victoria, she's going to be there in. >> i want everybody to do it, but there's no official annou e announcement. we're just kind of talking to get five girls together is tough. >> you know if you don't have victoria you know who is so thrilled about the spice girls. take a look. >> maybe not just me. my cousin. >> a little something extra. ♪ ♪ tell me what you want, what you really, really want ♪
9:45 am
♪ tell you what i want, what i really, really want ♪ >> my husband will step in. >> i can -- i can do the jiggle, that's it. >> that's good. >> i'm hoping it will come together. >> i hope you do it. >> we'll wait for that. meantime, we'll be watching the two-paul martin is finale of "america's got at allen. ". >> good segment, by the way, well done. >> here tonight on nbc. >> i love your work. >> mel, we love you. come back any time you like. >> i love you guys. >> yes. >> coming up next, changing the before earning enough cash back from bank of america to take their act to the next level... before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time... 2% back at the grocery store... and 3% back on gas... vince of the flying branzinos got a bankamericard cash rewards credit card, because he may earn his living jumping through hoops, but he'd rather not earn cash back that way.
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immediately at don't tough it out, knock it out, fast. with abreva. we're back with another installment in our series "hope to it." >> this morning young students in detroit getting the tools they need to help them succeed in the classroom as they head back this school career. >> hanks to a combined effort between a national nonprofit called the kids in need foundation and a detroit-based attorney school supplies are being given to students who are ready, willing and able to learn. on this september morning children arrive to detroit's edison elementary. some dropped off by their parents, others step off buses. and as students make their way into the school hallways an enthusiastic principal marcus davenport busies himself by setting a positive tone. >> let's go. >> how is everything? >> all right, let's go, boys and
9:50 am
girls. >> reporter: >> he knows it's going to be a special day, not just because of receipting, writing and arithmetic. more than 200 kindergarten through fifth grade schools tile into the school auditorium where they are introduced to visitors waiting to surprise them with free and filled backpacks. >> thank you, mr. davenport. >> dave smith heads up the kids in need foundation. >> part of the foundation is really to see that every child can have the basic supplies in the classroom. >> thank you go. >> there you go. >> we go by our student who receive free or reduced lunch, roughly 65.4% of our students qualify. nearly 72% of our students at some level or another are living, you know, at or around poverty. without a doubt we have students who begin the year without backpacks, without paper, without pencils. >> kids in need serves as a gateway between schools and a sponsor. in this case that's local businessman and attorney mike morse. >> my mom was a detroit public
9:51 am
schoolteacher and librarian for several years and always engrained in us, education as well as giving back so when this came up it was such a natural fit. >> time for the big reveal. and celebration. >> those items, now they are able to feel good about themselves. it makes a huge difference to not only the students but to us as teachers because it took a weight off of us as to how we can supply our kids with the things that they need to be successful in school. >> the playing field is level. you have pencils. i have pencils. you have a notebook, i have a notebook. can you get your work done and so can i. >> there's big message in giving them hope and dignity and now they can be like all other kids. >> second grader max mitchell showed us his new stash. we've got two notebooks, some scissors and some folders. i used the crayons. >> and the reaction from the
9:52 am
parents of another section grader alexander who did start school with supplies they had purchased themselves. >> it's going to be a long year and no telling how much he's going to run through so it all helps. >> my hope is that they can focus on their teachers and pay attention and study and learn and not be distracted by things such as looking for a pencil or a crayion or a piece of paper to write with and do their homework with. >> i wanted my students to take the day's event assics operation to one day be the givers. my kids are just awesome young people and i'm positive that mike morse and kids in need foundation, they will have future partners here at edison elementary school from the seeds that they have planted today. >> happy smiles all around. the kids at edison elementary weren't the only ones to get a backpack and supplies. in fact, they were delivered to a total of 66 detroit public elementary schools thanks to the partnership between the kids in need foundation and mike morse. if you would like more information go, our website
9:53 am
got to have the tools to succeed, right. >> first day of school, get all your supplies and ready to go. >> and your trapper keeper. >> right. >> don't tell the kids that yet. >> we'll be back in a mom. this is "today" on nbc.
9:54 am
9:55 am
look how pretty you look. >> we have carol burnett! >> not shy. >> also the west texas investor's club. any time a guy names rooster shows up i'm all in. rooster and butch. >> and we're going to give it away, a big prize. >> hoda has i'm ... ==anim== new details
9:56 am
this morning... ==topvo== on the damage and devastation from the massive valley wildfire burning in lake county and the i'm scott mcgrew. new details this morning on the damage and devastation from the massive valley wildfire burning in lake county and the north bay. cal fire saying it is 15% contained but has grown.
9:57 am
firefighters are getting a boost today from the middle weather conditions. at least 585 homes havedon destroyed. 67,000 acres burned. let's check the weather this morning. >> the clouds this morning will continue to clear. we're looking at highs today in the mid to upper 70s across most of the bay, staying in the 60s in san francisco. mostly sunny skies throughout the afternoon. winds gusty up to 30 miles an hour and a high of 72 in napa. 71 in oakland. san ramon topping out at 79. cool today and a chance of rain in the forecast tomorrow. let's see how the roads are moving with mike. >> we still have jammed traffic southbound. 880 crawling past the truck scales. well populated as well. north 880 smooth. the map showing the same thing with the speed sensors. jammed up in the dumbarton bridge and dakota road. still a crash clearing from the lanes. the rest of the south bay looking much better. dumbarton bridge and the san
9:58 am
mateo bridge showing slower speeds but less volume now. the peninsula recovers. 880 and 580 smoother through oakland. slow through the east shore freeway. stall reported across the bay bridge. we'll have another local news update in half an hour. we'll see you then.
9:59 am
10:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody. after doing this for 40 careers you would think we'd be ready when the camera comes on. >> hoda, what is today in. >> it's booze day tuesday, our favorite kind of day, september 15th, 2015. >> and hoda's lucky day. called lucky day by hunter hunted. i've never heart of hunter hunted. >> i know a few guys who did. >> an entertainment legend, and the only time we


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